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Simply Human - A Breathru2Health (6 CD Set)

A 6 CD Audio Set

How to master your body’s 7 Physiological Systems – and the daily behaviors that support them
The modern disease myth – and why modern medicine will do little to help you prevent disease
How to avoid becoming a victim of ‘Bread & Butter’ Diseases – the most talked about and yet misunderstood and innocuous diseases
Why doctors can give you a ‘Time-Frame’ to live – if you’re diagnosed with a terminal illness
Why health miracles don’t come in bottles – and what you should understand about supplements and oral medications
The facts about Vaccines – and why you should think seriously before saying ‘yes’ to these treatments
The truth about ‘Organics’ - and things you should consider beyond just choosing organic foods
The Protein Farce – what protein really is, where the ‘true source’ comes from that really benefits you and what to avoid
Why ‘Sugar is Sugar’ is a false notion – and how to cut through the carbohydrate confusion
The 5 Food Group Trap – what’s missing from the 5 basic recommended food groups and which food groups really provide ALL of the nutrients for vital health
The Power of Whole Foods – the spectrum of foods from ‘natures table’ that target parts of your physiology and certain conditions
The wisdom of ancient therapies – and the modern day benefits of fasting, colonic hygiene and vibrational sound healing
Why Self-Care provides the key to transforming your health – and breaking through the misinformation and remaining disease-free


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