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Ear Candles four

Four Candles

Ear candling is an all-natural process used to soothe the ears and to help relieve pain and itching from infections and other conditions. The process helps soften old, hardened earwax and assists the body to excrete excess earwax. It can even clear out Tinnitus. It has also Restored Hearing to the Deaf and even pulled insects and spiders out of peoples ears. 

I only use paraffin wax candles, not beeswax. Paraffin because it’s only being used externally and burned to create the strongest Vortex of rising pulling air, it’s just like a tornado, calm in the center but lifting. Beeswax is Healthy for skin, etc. But burns so slowly it’s not even close to the cleaning and clearing like paraffin does. 
Ear Candles date back to 2500 BC in ancient Egypt, where candles were made from flax (a plant by-product). 
Mayan, Aztec, and American Indians used ear candles, too. Some Indian tribes blew herbal smoke into the ear through a cone-shaped object. Ear candling was considered "a spiritual process for clearing the mind and senses." Additionally, the process was used for "physiological cleansing" and "spiritual purification" before initiation rites and rituals. 
Ancient Greeks used ear candling for "cleansing, purifying, and healing on a spiritual basis" and later for "physical benefits." 
American Hopi Indians of northern Arizona demonstrated ear candling in paintings of initiation rites and healing ceremonies. 

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